Property Alignment & Enhancement

Is your home and land of your property the light that restores and balances you?


Energy can be impressed upon matter.

Sometimes our property, home, or business needs a refreshment and alignment. We can work with energy to transform many qualities that reflect in our surroundings.

 Prior events that have taken place on our properties, or in our buildings can be impactful to greater or lesser degrees upon our daily lives. Some people who have Expanded Awareness can sense alignment or disturbances not just in properties, also in people and all of life.

Working with energy in her professional career the last 15 years, and in her personal life many years before that, has led Carrie Ann to providing services not just to people, also to their homes and businesses.

This evolved from people asking if Carrie Ann could help them at their home or office. “They felt or sensed something was off, an uneasiness”, are a common descriptions.

Whenever possible she like to walk the land to provide this service, although numerous alignments done at a distance on Zoom or Skype have demonstrated very good results.

All sessions are different especially given regional locations history on the land and physical abnormalities. Some of these are natural occurrences. Most are results of human impact upon the land and the surrounding area.

Experience as providing services as a Mystical Translator/Medium also allows me to sense  and interact with trapped beings from the past history, provide a doorway for them to move onward often this can be instantly felt in the building or the land. “Earth Sense” also can guide Carrie Ann in finding non-beneficial doorways some call these portals or standing waves of energy that bind up the flow in the land.

Energy repeatedly impressed on the land can produce Archetypes like failure, businesses that always fail in a certain building, concentrated imprints of experience, is how best to think of them… not beneficial for us. Please call the office at 530-273-8471 if you are feel this could aid you.