Carrie Ann

                  Following her intuition on the winding river of life and stepping into the many yes’ included in becoming a trance medium, has brought a merging within Carrie Ann to a level of clarity she is now drawn to share with others in new ways.

She continues to provide Acupuncture, now specializing in an unique system of Acupuncture she offers to our community and surrounding towns, Sacramento & Lake Tahoe areas.

As one client reported, “I could not find an Acupuncturist offering Esoteric Acupuncture any closer than the Bay area other than you.”

3 day Immersion 2015 offered in Sedona & Verde Valley

3 day Immersion 2015 offered in Sedona & Verde Valley

Carrie Ann’s Purpose:

I am dedicated to aiding others with their growth into freedom.

Well-being is always with us, even if our body is injured or ailing. Freedom comes from knowing deep within our heart, our inherent well-being, no matter the circumstances.


Carrie Ann is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with the State of California & NCCAOM
with a Diplomate
in Oriental Medicine (Dipl OM)

and a Master of Science
in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MS. TCM).


As a Licensed Acupuncturist &

experienced Energy


Esoteric Acupuncture and Your Holographic Landscape Appointments are still being offered.

 Call (530) 273-8471 to schedule an appointment.


Voted Best Acupuncturist four years in a row. 2017-2013

Readers of The Union Newspaper


Why a Trance Medium?

Always drawn to the mystical and magical behind the scenes edges of reality, Carrie Ann’s advancement on her spiritual journey has brought to her to a joining with a wise group of beings and energies who are representatives of many worlds. “When life came calling a second time with the Mediumship and Trance work, I knew deep in my heart it was an important yes. There were many yes’ that I completed to be able to bring Sarrissa through in a clear and undiluted manner”.

Their experiences and retreats together produces shared words, energy, tips and perspectives for this transformational time we are living.

Some call this channeling, we call it Public Speaking....we arrive, and speak in Public.
-Sarrissa 2012