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Esoteric acupuncture 

Welcome to a system of Acupuncture that combines ancient wisdom, known energy systems and Sacred Geometry. It is well suited for the changing times we are living, expanding and clarifying our enhancing our alignment.

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In person & Long Distance Sessions


Your Personal Holographic Landscape


Your Home, Business or Land

This is an appointment session to make available to us "behind the scenes" and what  exists all around you. Perceiving in a Holographic way with light & information as our guide, allows for mystery to unfold giving both clues and alignment to your focus for the session together. Acupuncture may or may not be utilized during in office sessions.

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“I have had several “Landscape” sessions with Carrie Ann, and always come away amazed at how much information comes through. I’m very grateful that the sessions are taped, because, not only do I love to listen to it all again…. There is so much information that I have to listen to it several times… just to get it all.”
— S.K. Hawaii

Wellness is inherent in every aspect of our being.

At times we need balance and alignment to return to Wellness or the center of ourselves. At times we loose connection to our path or our inner voice is difficult to hear clearly from our heart. Several kinds of sessions are offered, in office or long distance to address your goals, utilizing Esoteric Acupuncture in office, as well as other processes to enhance your coherence for Well Being.

 It has been a delightful 22 years living in Grass Valley.

These years have brought many personal dreams to fruition and allow the offering of Acupuncture for Wellness to come to our community. This allows us a conversation that is beyond disease and includes the many levels of reality our energy body extends into.

My office is within the powerful little known Vortex: “ The Gateway of the High Sierra”.

We ‘live in the light of what's possible’, providing an Acupuncture clinic here since 2005.


Are you"Leaping while Flying" and looking for support for your expansion?

We are living in a time where cultivating our Expanded Awareness is more available than in many centuries past. Many people in the world are responding to the inner call to awaken to the great part of themselves and the living life force we call our planet. There is more, so much more available to ones called to follow their heart, intuition, creativity and who desire a robust wholesome life.

Ancient Mysteries are coming to light, knowledge & remembering are at hand.

Please join Carrie Ann

Be the Wisdom and Delight you came to be.

Be the Wisdom and Delight you came to be.