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Simply Living Wellness

Podcast interview June 2018

by Donna Abreu

#9 Grounding Techniques: Quickly Balance, Ground and Relax Yourself w/ Guest Carrie Ann Smith

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Carrie Ann Smith. L.Ac. Dipl. OM MS. TCM, who explores the well-known concept that we are made of information and light and are essentially a living hologram. She also guides us through two exercises, one for quickly entering an alpha brain wave state for deep relaxation and increased creativity and intuition. The second exercise is a simple grounding technique for quickly grounding and balancing yourself and anchoring into the present moment. If you wish to balance and align yourself for building a more desired state of reality, then then this is the episode for you.

Carrie Ann shares her story, of being sensitive to energy from a young age, and as an adult, having a career life separate from a mystical life for years until the two eventually merged. She now delivers esoterica acupuncture locally in Nevada County, California. She does virtual work with clients where she utilizes a holographic landscape, helping her clients to align and enhance their coherence for wellbeing.

June 2018

In my interview with Carrie Ann Smith - I’m excited that she outlines the steps and processes we can use to develop and refine our intuition. Her description of the process of learning how to open to guidance makes it feel creative and achievable! She shares two easy and effective practices with us - one to bring the brain into an alpha state, and one to align, balance and ground us.

In this interview with Carrie Ann she shares about:

- The true meaning of the words ‘communication’ and ‘intuiting’
- The 3 essentials for opening to receive guidance
- What kind of choices and habits we can make that develop our ability to notice
- Letting go of the need to know and developing a state of ‘wow!’
- How to develop signals to let us know when we’re connected

Always drawn to the mystical and magical behind the scenes edges of reality, Carrie Ann’s advancement on her spiritual journey has brought her to a joining with a wise group of beings and energies who are representatives of many worlds. Their experiences together produce shared words, energy, tips and perspectives for this transformational time we are living in.
Having lived and lead retreats, classes, and circles with this group of beings known as Sarrissa and The Assembly, in the United states and on Zoom, this year brings an internationally based experience in the Highlands of Scotland. 
Following her intuition on the winding river of life and stepping into the many yes’s included in being a trance channel, has brought a merging within Carrie Ann to a level of clarity she is now drawn to share with others in new ways.

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Transformative wise friends of the sea

Transformative wise friends of the sea