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As an Energy Practitioner, all offerings and sessions involve shifting or identifying patterns of light & information. More, and more we are moving into greater comprehension about unify principles in consciousness and science. Solidity of physical matter becomes smaller and smaller in particle size until now we are in the field of light, of streaming information in a Holographic view.

Carrie Ann Smith | Energetic, Holographic Wellness & Acupuncture in Grass Valley, CA | Holographic Landscape Appointments

Your Personal Holographic Landscape

Available in office or long distance, this is an appointment session to make available to us "behind the scenes" and what  exists all around you. Perceiving in a Holographic way with light & information as our guide, allows for mystery to unfold giving both clues and alignment to your focus for the session together. 

A description follows:

We start with a target. That could be you, your creative project, your business or your location- home or business. A FAQ conversation follows.

Could we have a session “just because or I felt guided to you”? Absolutely.

“What about my animal companion can you help”?

I could set a Holographic Landscape session, although more likely, I would suggest a trusted colleague. My tuning is more to the resonance of people, places & the Natural Landscape.

Where do we meet?

On Zoom-online, in my quiet office or at the Cafe.

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Reading: “Cafe of Life”

Who & what are a part of your Cafe of Life?

Carrie Ann was given the pieces of this reading in a rush of information infusion one day after her morning meditation. She developed the format with the aid of a Muse from the 'other realities'. Although we are taking a reading on your available Landscape of friends, energies and symbols, it too builds a juncture with energy as well to aid your alignment to your clarity & possibilites.

How do I contact you?

Cafe of Life: Reading in person & online

Cafe of Life: Reading in person & online

Your Busines, Home, property & land

Your Busines, Home, property & land

Property Alignment & Enhancement

Is your home and land of your property the light that restores and balances you?

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